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Mr. Yiguang Hu is a senior software engineer. Mr. Hu has been developing applications for over ten years from nonprofit volunteering, start ups, to large multinational companies in areas such as telecomm, ecommerce, and web sites. He has used languages from Z80 assembly, fortran, basic, c/c++ to java, groovy, javascript, html, php etc. He loves technologies and actively exploring them such as functional programming, Clojure, and Scala etc, mobile development such as iPhone and android. In the Java web land, he used struts and JSF. He has been delighted with Grails and GWT.

Mr. Hu has two master of science degrees. He is a Sun Certified JAVA 2 Programmer, J2EE Web Component Developer, and passed Sun Certified Enterprise Architect in JAVA technology test, and an Advanced toastmaster.

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