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When you are training for a competition, you will use up a lot of energy. Your muscles will constantly be burning glucose, so when it runs lows, fatigue will start to set in. Many athletes drink shakes to replace the glucose in their bodies. They usually drink them around half an hour after they have exercised, as this helps their bodies to recover more quickly. Not only will sports recovery shakes energise your body, but they will also help to rebuild small muscle tears, enabling you to build up your stamina. They will also replenish your body with the necessary amount of fluids, which you will have lost through swearing during exercise. Dehydration is a reaction to low fluid and electrolyte levels and can lead to fatigue and muscle cramps. If you are training for a competition you will need to work hard, so muscle soreness and stiffness isn’t an option. Ensure that you can perform with all of your power by re-energising and repairing your body with special sports shakes.

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