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Wouldn't it be great if you can make some income out of the downloads you offer? Or through the way you distribute your software or applications? This is what is all about. This is what the site has been doing for a number of developers, publishers, and advertisers. The good thing is a new Installerex website will be launched this summer, offering more benefits and features to make it much easier to monetize downloads.

The Useful "Middleman"

Installerex is a smart cloud-based installer created to be customizable, to suit varying needs. It serves as a server-based installer that enables the monetization of downloads and installations. Likewise, it helps expand distribution channels. It basically serves as the "middleman" between publishers and advertisers.

Itsupplements the typical setup wherein application developers and publishers offer their programs or apps through a specific website.Traditionally, developers and publishers put up a website through which prospective users can download the array of programs or applications they offer. With Installerex, developers can reach more prospective users. It maintains a network through which apps and programs can be made known and available to more prospective users. It also enhances the process by collaborating with advertisers to place ads every time download links are accessed. It expands distribution beyond the websites publishers are traditionally using. Additionally, it allows publishers to earn revenues through the ads placed.

Advantages and Benefits

Installerex can provide stability, flexibility, optimization, better targeting, and more successful installations. The site guarantees stability especially in terms of uptime or service availability. This means that downloads will continue to be available even the websites of developers or publishers are experiencing problems. It also offers flexibility, the ability to make customizations or modifications in the way downloads are presented. Additionally, the site offers optimization to make sure that downloads work best in whatever platform. The advantage of better targeting is also guaranteed. Installerex expertly assesses and chooses the best audience for the specific program or application being offered. Lastly, Installerex helps achieve more successful installations.

Because Installerex acts as a dynamic server-side installer, users no longer need to wait for installer downloads to be completed to have the program or application installed. What is being downloaded is immediately installed. If there are problems encountered, the system immediately gets feedback and attempts to do another installation until it is successfully done. This infers that a successful download also means a successful installation. This is particularly advantageous to developers and publishers because Installereximplements a "pay per installation" or PPI program, so failed installations are not going to be paid for.Installerex also uses an intelligent and accurate reporting system.


Users of the site should be assured that they will not be affected by viruses, spyware, and other malware as they download programs or apps. The Installerex website bears a "McAfee SECURE" seal. It is being scanned daily to ensure that it is not a carrier of malware that can compromise security. Likewise, it is SiteLock verified and it also carries the Trust Guard security verification seal.

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