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Hi! I am Herman Collin. I am new in this website but I hope to have a lot of friends. I am a father of three wonderful children. I work at a well- known Sinuplasty treatment center. For your Rhinoplasty concerns, we can give you best health care and assistance.

Botox - Botox injections are dermal fillers that aim to lessen wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. This medical procedure is well known to a number of people because of the many advantages it provides and because of its efficacy in lessening the appearance of unwanted lines and wrinkles in the face, neck and other parts of the body. Botox injections work by paralyzing or weakening certain muscles in the face or body and by blocking nerves. While it can be administered in the many parts of the body, it is commonly injected in the face.

Nasal polyp removal - Nasal polyp removal is a surgical procedure that’s considered when other forms of treatment no longer provide lasting relief from the symptoms. While this procedure doesn’t guarantee permanent eradication and recurrence, it can significantly improve comfort and restore a person’s normal breathing.

Scar Revision - Scar revision surgery has an array of options to help reduce the appearance of scars. The best techniques that suit your condition depend on the location and the unique way your body heals as well as the characteristics of the existing scar tissue. To get optimum results its best that you consult a board certified surgeon to help you determine which procedure is best to meet your specific needs

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