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I have been on computers before I could walk. I always researched to become knowledgeable, comfortable and confident when I became confronted with new challenges. After graduating high school at the age of 16 with honors, I immediately put myself in the work force and found an opportunity to work at a very busy real estate office as the technical assistant and within a month became the director. I became a huge asset to the company as I was overseeing all technical problems, marketing material designing, coaching agents on using cutting edge real estate software and much more. At the age of 18 I got my Real Estate License and started leasing/selling high rise condos on the Las Vegas Strip. I became the number one leasing agent at SKY Las Vegas which is a beautiful high rise on the strip. I have also received my loan officers license, became a notary public of Nevada, and passed the property management permit. I left the high rise market in early 2009 to start college for my associates degree at ITT for Software Applications Programming. Since I was doing IT work while doing real estate, I figured I better position my career path where the jobs would be after the crash, hence why I am now a fulltime dedicated software developer! I have programed and designed full functioning website projects including charity foundations, telecommunications companies, hosting and data providers, marketing and advertising companies, small businesses, start up ideas, and so many others. After meeting me once, you will know that I am very entrepreneurial spirited person and mean business. I am a married and now have a beautiful little new born daughter. I love to design websites with the highest detail for W3C compliant css & html script. My blog & social networks are known for awesome programming tips on languages such as C#, C++, PHP, MySQL, Java, HTML5, and many more. Any left over time goes towards helping my wife raise our 4 y.o. daughter & newborn son.

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