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CEO & Founder at RECOMYMunich, Germany

About Monty Metzger

Trend presentations and workshops that provoke, excite and inspire.

Whether you’re kicking off a major conference or rolling up your sleeves in an executive work session, Monty will shake up the audience, fill the participants with ideas and charge them with inspiration. Monty Metzger is a professional speaker and combines the power of words with modern presentation technologies.

Monty Metzger is an Entrepreneur, Blogger and Trend-Scout. He is founder and CEO at RECOMY, his latest StartUp disrupting the recruiting industry. He has over 12 years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur and has started several international companies.

In the past Monty found the European office of a global Trend Research Consultancy with offices in Munich, Tokyo and New York and lead the expansion of the company in China. After that he founded “Ahead of Time“, an innovation agency focusing on Emerging Technology, Mobile Media and the development of Social Media Marketing. He found the open think tank about the future of mobile media and communication, MOCOM 2020, and published the book „Mobile Future @mocom2020: A collaborative vision of the future of mobile media“.

He studied Business Administration in Germany and Switzerland and specialized early on electronic Marketing. He attended the “Innovation Academy” at the Harvard Business School, is active member of the e-G8 Forum and is blogging at

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