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Refund anticipation loans, or RALs as they are known in the tax industry, carry annual percentage rates (APRs) of about 60% to over 700%, a fact that many consumers either dont realize or simply overlook. This type of relief may have the effect of wiping out extreme tax bills and penalties. We have the necessary experience to conduct and advice on a full range of legal services for our international clients. Establishing the facts, determining which facts are relevant, evaluating the reasonableness of any assumptions or representations, relating the applicable law (including potentially applicable judicial doctrines) to the relevant facts, and arriving at a conclusion supported by the law and the facts. Different states can have other statutes and some states have no statute of limitations on recovering taxes owed. An IRS tax lien generally remains on property until it is paid in full, along with any penalties and interest that accrue, unless one of the special circumstances exist. You should see it within two weeks, possibly faster if you use direct deposit. If youre using your own personal vehicle for your small business, make sure you separate the times you use it for business from the times you do not. Both of these have well controlled and structured complaints procedures in the event of a specialist lawyer being consulted by the client who is considering making a claim. In the words of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, these FTAs act as superhighways that connect Singapore to major economies and new markets.

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