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Intentionality is required for every life that ends with a legacy.

One of my mentors once told me that "To really know someone you must know their heart and to know their heart you must know what they love." So to know me you must know what I most deeply value!

I love giant granite mountain peaks that disappear into the sky, I love snowboarding Alaskan powder, I love running on a deserted beach, I love having deep conversations with God in the wilderness, I love feeling my own weight on the rock as I climb a hard route, I love feeling the presence of the Lord when I climb, I love discovering new things in the Bible, I love the close allies in my life...I trully have some of the best friends any one in the world can have, I love campfires with them, I love having a conversation with a friend under the stars on a clear night above the tree line, I love thunderstorms (when I'm not on the wall), I love the feeling that I get when I worked all day to climb a mountain and finally I am at the summit of it, I love driving fast with the windows down and listening to some good rock, I love a good debate or a good discussion that opens my eyes in a new way, I love challenging others and opening their mind to see the world in a new way, and most of all I love my wild God who has me on a journey of wishes, he is my deepest lover and my closest friend.

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