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Earth's atmosphere has no definite limit - its density decreases with height, eventually going into space. Three quarters of the air mass is contained in the initial , in a layer called the troposphere. The how to lose weight fast and the lowest layer of hot air from the surface, which causes expansion of air. Warmer air is lighter and rises in its place flows cooler, denser. This process is called air circulation and leads to a redistribution of heat on the planet. The main air currents are the trade winds, blowing in the zone to 30 ° latitude and westerly winds, blowing from. Ocean currents also significantly affect the climate, in particular, thermohaline circulation, which leads to the exchange of heat between the tropics and polar

Also follows the circulation of water vapor derived from evaporation of the surface. When weather conditions allow the lifting of warm and moist air, condensation (sublimation or condensation) pair. Consequently, clouds are formed and the water drops on the surface as precipitation [104]. Most of the water is transported to lower the amount of river systems, usually returning to the oceans or settling in lakes. The hydrological cycle is a key mechanism to ensure life on land and the main factor in the erosion surface. The amount of rainfall varies in different regions, from less than a millimeter per year to several meters per year. This is due to atmospheric circulation, topographical features and temperature

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