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Often, because of the high utility of mathematics in the natural sciences are used to determine their common mathematical and natural sciences. This division is not too close. Another type of classification is the how to lose weight fast division of experimental science that deal with phenomena continuously and consistently reproducible and science spot, which dominated the study of unique phenomena that can occur only once. The former are characterized by the possibility of using experimental techniques, while the latter are bound to explain the phenomena post facto, without the possibility of accurate prediction of future events.

The former include all the social sciences and the most natural, in addition to geography, astronomy and medicine and biology part. However, you can include them also part of the traditional social sciences such as history, economics, political science or sociology. For the latter the majority of the humanities, but also part of the natural sciences - especially the earth sciences and astronomy, partly as medicine and biology.

In a similar way science is divided on the idiographic, ie, those that describe some phenomena and processes, not with a view to their explanation and nomothetic that attempt to explain the phenomena through the creation of laws and theories. This division, however, seems to be obsolete, because now almost all the sciences strive to create general laws. However, the teachings of In different periods of histother fields.

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