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President and Chief Futurist at The Futures Lab, Inc.Atlanta, GA

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Futurist, speaker and author Derek Woodgate is the President of The Futures Lab, founded in 1996, a futures-based consultancy based in Atlanta, GA and Austin, TX with six satellite offices around the world. The firm specializes in creating future potential for major corporations and institutions, especially in the fields of entertainment, media, culture, communications, and new communities.

Derek spent nine years as a British diplomat, and 13 years as a corporate executive, and is an authority on the application of emerging and immersive technologies and the changing human in the design and production of experiential entertainment with his creation of what are termed “Sense Events.”

He is also involved in integrating creative industries into urban/community development and future living spaces. His work on “remix” lifestyles in terms of archetypes, behavior, and identity was reflected in his renowned reworking of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and has been applied by a number of clients of The Futures Lab.

In his foresight work, Derek is known for developing what is considered a paradigm-shifting approach to future studies, demonstrated in his book“Future Frequencies” (Fringecore 2005) and his work on leveraging dystopian futures and rhizomatic thinking techniques, as well as in his merging of progressive culture with future studies.

The Futures lab’s clients have included Philips Electronics, Intel, Shell, Fiat, Nokia, Pemex, AKZO-Nobel, GSK, Casio, Nestle, SWB, MTV Europe, Intel, Ford, Kellogg’s, Coca Cola, BBC, WorldSpace, Nissan, and many more.

Derek also served for six years as Chief Creative Officer for Plutopia Productions, Inc. (now reinvented as the Future Entertainment and Events Lab, or FEEL), a future-focused entertainment and event-production company where he co-created and curated dozens of public events, including: The Science of Music, The Home of the Future, The Future of Sustainable Living, Future Living Systems, The Future of Play, and FutureMusic Summit 2012. He also produced events for SXSW, including the Chilean Music Showcase.

Currently, he serves as Consultant in Residence at the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab (DAEL) at Georgia State University and recently appointed Future of Play Category Curator for the 2015 Exhibition of the Future of the Home at the Chicago Museum of Technology and Industry.

He has lived and worked in eleven countries and is at home in seven languages (English, Croatian, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Russian and Dutch). Authored books:

“Future Frequencies”, published in 2005. 
"Future Flow", due for publication in 2013.
"Calling The Toads – A Burroughs Compendium" (1999) co-authored with Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Allen Ginsberg and Douglas Brinkley

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