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How Not to be a Cranky DBA

A talk by Mike Hillwig

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May 10, 2012 2:30 PM

Microsoft, Waltham, MA

Microsoft, Waltham, MA

Being a DBA can be mightily stressful. Your job is to manage servers, applications, licenses, code... and sometimes even users. A complex web of interdependencies and extreme politics, it's enough to make even an extremely well-centered person break.

And let's face it--most DBA's aren't exactly centered.

This week Mike Hillwig, self-described Cranky DBA, will share a selection of tips and tricks to help you manage the mayhem and keep your cool in even the roughest of environments. If you've ever felt frustrated, alone, or on the verge of a nervous breakdown, chill out! And then attend this session.

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