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LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Which of the Social Media Big Guns Should You Be Using for Your Business?

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June 10, 2009 4:50 PM

YWCA – Welch Room 1 &2

YWCA – Welch Room 1 &2

Social Media is hot. It's uncharted territory for business, though, with more questions than answers: What's the ROI? What if I do something stupid, or worse, make my company look stupid? How do I cut through the hype and start using social media tools to generate business?

This seminar looks at the top 3 social media tools in business today: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Where are these tools best used? How can they help a business make or save money? Why else would a business want to invest in using them? How can a business measure the success of its investment in a particular tool? How might a business person start using them today?

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