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Clean Code – Why writing Clean Code makes us more efficient

A talk by Theo Jungeblut

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March 3, 2011 1:00 PM

South Bay Bay .NET User Group, Mountain View

South Bay Bay .NET User Group, Mountain View

Over the lifetime of a product, maintaining the product is actually one - if not the most - expensive area(s) of the overall product time costs. Writing clean code can significantly lower these costs. However, writing clean code also makes you more efficient during initial development time, and results into more stable code. Theo will present design patterns and best practices which will make you write better code.

You will learn how to apply them by using an existing implementation as the starting point of the presentation. Additionally, Theo will explain what the patterns & practices benefits are. Finally, you will learn how tools and platform features like VS2010, Resharper, StyleCop and Code Contracts will support you being more successful in writing more stable code in shorter time.

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