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Distributed Computing with Ruby and TupleSpaces

A talk by Luc Castera at RubyNation

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June 13, 2009 1:15 PM

Reston, VA

Reston, VA

Ruby threads are limited due to the Global Interpreter Lock. Therefore, the best way to do parallel computing with Ruby is to use multiple processes but how do you get these processes to communicate?

This session will provide some strategies for handling multi-process communication in Ruby, with a focus on the use of TupleSpaces. A TupleSpace provides a repository of tuples that can be accessed concurrently to implement a Blackboard system. Ruby ships with a built-in implementation of a TupleSpace with the Rinda library.

During the session, Luc will demonstrate how to use Rinda and will highlight other libraries/projects that facilitate interprocess communication and parallel computing in Ruby.

Luc Castera is a curious software engineer, always trying to learn new technologies and improve his skills. He is currently the lead-developer at ShareMeme Inc, the company behind and Luc has held positions at Verizon, GE, and Delphi Electronics. He has used many different languages and platforms such as Java, Tcl/Tk, C, Ruby, and C#/.NET throughout his career. He discovered Ruby more than two years ago and he has been coding happily ever since.

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