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Dev Basics: The ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

A talk by Jay Harris

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June 26, 2009 9:00 AM

When a request occurs for a ASP.Net page, the response is processed through a series of events before being sent to the client browser. These events, known as the Page LifeCycle, are a complicated headache when used improperly, manifesting as odd exceptions, incorrect data, performance issues, and general confusion. It seems simple when reading yet-another-book-on-ASP.NET, but never when applied in the real world. In this session, we decompose this mess, and turn the LifeCycle into an effective and productive tool. No ASP.NET MVC, no Dynamic Data, no MoroRail, no technologies of tomorrow, just the basics of ASP.NET, using the tools we have available in the office, today.

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