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A Better Framework for Developing SharePoint 2010 Applications

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June 23, 2012 6:00 AM

San Diego, CA (UCSD Campus)

San Diego, CA (UCSD Campus)

• Do you love ASP.NET MVC? • Are you interested in leveraging its powerful features within SharePoint 2010? • Want to know how to improve the readability and testability of your SharePoint applications using the MVP design pattern?

This session will introduce you to a new development framework that brings the advantages of Model-View-Presenter design pattern and the strengths of ASP.NET MVC to SharePoint 2010. Brought to you by Slalom Consulting, you will learn about how easy it is to use this tool to help you save time and effort building great applications on the SharePoint platform. Come and see why this framework is sure to turn you into an MVP!

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