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What Rubyists should steal from Coffeescript, Clojure, and the worst language ever

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June 15, 2012 7:30 AM

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Ruby is a great little language, but that doesn’t mean it got everything right. This talk will be a tour of the best features from Clojure and Coffeescript that you can’t find in Ruby. The goal isn’t to try to convert you to these languages, but to expand your knowledge of the best ideas in programming language design. We’ll also see how understanding the rationale behind these features can help you write better Ruby.

If concepts like anaphora, destructuring binds, and monads aren’t familiar to you, prepare to learn some powerful concepts. And don’t worry: this won’t be some voice-from-the-clouds, ivory tower tutorial. Just a pragmatic guy teaching cool ideas with simple examples. No neckbeard required.

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