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Applauding in Context: Public Engagement of Audiences as Organizational Cornerstone

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June 22, 2012 6:45 AM

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

In the spirit of Jeffrey M. Jones' declaration that "the enterprise is not the work itself; the enterprise is creating a context for the work," we propose that audiences do not applaud great performances in a vacuum - they respond to our work in context, and for theatres to remain necessary centers of our communities, we must pay close attention to meaning on and off our stages. Three New England companies committed to audiences' public engagement interrogate the cohesive intersection of mission-focused institutional departments of artistic, marketing, and dramaturgy. We'll share successful strategies - including offering a variety of pre and post performance events, attentiveness to the physical spaces where audiences gather, and cultivating a culture of dialogue and responsiveness - which we believe are transforming our theatres from the traditional vision of a place to sit and see a play, to public squares hosting the vital conversations of our time.

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