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Web 2.0 for You

A talk by Maria H. Andersen

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July 21, 2009 10:00 AM

Instructional Technology Council 2009 Webinars

Instructional Technology Council 2009 Webinars

In the second generation of web resources, technology proliferation is increasing at an exponential rate… seriously, I’m a mathematician… I’ve seen the numbers. It is becoming vitally important that we all teach our students so-called 21st century skills and begin to become “clickable” ourselves. I have been reading blogs, websites, books, national reports, and surveys; watching YouTube, TeacherTube, and podcasts; using wikis, mindmaps, and virtual classrooms. Let me show you some web resources and technology that can invigorate your professional development, spice up your teaching, and possibly even engage your students. I’ve got resources for every discipline and I will focus on the free ones that you can immediately begin using.

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