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Sneaking Ruby & Rails Into Big Companies

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July 24, 2009 5:00 PM

London, UK

London, UK

In big companies it can be fairly difficult to introduce new tools and technologies for many reasons. Although Ruby and Rails have become very popular over the last years, there are still software developers who have not even heard about them. That's especially true for enterprise developers whose working days are often dominated by Java and friends.

Rails has been used in production environments since its early days and it made many people's daily work much more productive and way more fun. But there are common issues many developers face when trying to get Ruby/Rails adopted: Nobody knows it. We have invested so much into other technologies. It does not scale. There is no big company behind it. It is too slow. There are no tools. And so on...

In this talk you'll learn why Ruby/Rails adoption is more often a social problem than a technical one. You'll also learn about different strategies to convince your boss, your fellow developers, and the operations department of the many advantages of Ruby and Rails. For example, you'll see why it's often advantageous to start with a pure Ruby project and not with a Rails application.

Among many other things you will learn how tiny trade-offs prevent your database administrators from suffering a cultural shock and how to turn "we always did it this way" colleagues into enthusiastic Ruby fans.

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