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Building Rich User Experiences Without JavaScript Spaghetti

A talk by jaredthenerd at MADExpo 2012

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June 27, 2012 1:00 PM

Hampton, VA

Hampton, VA

Most Javascript is written to glue code and UI together without any thought to design patterns. Over time this leads to piles of Javascript that look nothing like code you’d be proud of writing. In this talk we’ll look at the rise of software libraries (like Knockout) that can help add structure to your JS. We’ll talk about when they help your project, and when they get in the way. We’ll also look into how you can easily use the Mediator and Observer patterns in JavaScript to really clean up your code with or without other libraries. As an added bonus we’ll talk about using Message Buses to really decouple your JavaScript controls. I’ll explain how we’re using these patterns at Facio and how you can implement them in your code. At the end we'll look at some code samples and we'll talk about whatever other patterns you might be interested in doing in JavaScript.

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