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Distributed and Concurrent Programming using RabbitMQ and EventMachine

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July 25, 2009 7:05 AM

London, UK

London, UK

RabbitMQ is a fast, reliable, open source Enterprise Messaging system. If you’re doing high volume messaging and need a high degree of reliability, you should definitely consider using RabbitMQ!

EventMachine is a fast, simple, lightweight event-processing library for Ruby programs. It lets you write network clients and servers without handling sockets- all you do is send and receive data. EventMachine is designed to simultaneously meet two key needs:

  • Extremely high scalability, performance and stability for the most demanding production environments; and
  • An API that eliminates the complexities of high-performance threaded network programming, allowing engineers to concentrate on their application logic.

In this talk:

  • Learn how to process tasks in a distributed environment using RabbitMQ,
  • Learn what's behind the asynchronous amqp gem and how it relates to EventMachine
  • See some code with EventMachine teasers and learn how to use RabbitMQ to tame your cloud environment.

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