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Telephony for the busy Ruby Developer

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August 10, 2012 9:15 AM

Norris Conference Center, Austin, TX

Norris Conference Center, Austin, TX

Telephony for the busy Ruby Developer.

Ruby is a powerful language that allows you to write applications for a number of domains. For most Ruby developers that domain tends to be web applications. When we think of phones we usually think of a smart phone. But what if you are developing an application that needs to integrate with a plain old telephone system? As a Ruby developer you have options but if you are not an expert in telephony how do you determine the right one to use?

This talk will look at the most common choices among Rubiests (Twillio, Tropo and Adhearsion). We will compare each solution with a few examples and give some recommendations based on real world advice. Bring you phone or Skype client as live demos will be given.

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