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Moving from LINQ to SQL to the Enitty Framework

A talk by Jim Wooley

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August 3, 2009 2:30 PM

1125 Sanctuary Pkwy, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA

1125 Sanctuary Pkwy, Suite 300, Alpharetta, GA

With 3.5 SP1, Microsoft released two competing technologies to provide Object Relationship Mapping strategies over data - LINQ to SQL and the Entity Framework. Microsoft has indicated that, although they will continue to support both technologies, future enhancement efforts will be directed toward the Entity Framework. As a result, people who built applications over LINQ to SQL are faced with the challenge of moving them over to the Entity Framework to take advantage of future enhancements. In this session, we will explore the similarity and differences between the two technologies to help identify times when you should and should not migrate existing code bases. We'll focus on the common pitfalls that developers need to be aware of when moving between the technologies. We'll also look at architectual options you can make to make migration less painful. Additionally, we'll look at some of the functionality scheduled to be included in future versions of the Entity Framework which may influence decisions on making migrations.

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