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Test Driving ASP.NET MVC

A talk by at aspconf 2012

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July 17, 2012 8:00 AM



The MVC pattern is inherently testable and, in turn, ASP.NET MVC is a very testable framework but you still have to conform to specific patterns and best practices to successfully create a truly “testable” ASP.NET MVC application.

In this talk Keith will discuss how the ASP.NET MVC lends itself to testability. He will provide guidance on how to architect your code and solution structure to lend itself to lend itself to unit testing. He will also dive deep into how you can, using SOLID design principles, make it even more testable. Keith will then provide the tools that you can add to your developer tool belt to make test driven development in the ASP.NET MVC framework less coupled, less repetitive, more automated and all around more enjoyable. Tool discussion will include StructureMap, RhinoMocks, Should Assertion Library, MVCContrib, and WatiN.

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