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Modular Java with OSGi

A talk by tkaufman

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October 13, 2009 7:00 AM

6565 Kilgour Place Dublin, OH 43017

6565 Kilgour Place Dublin, OH 43017

Java is an object-oriented language so naturally it’s modular, right? We program to interfaces, use Spring to resolve dependencies, and package up our classes into cohesive units. Unfortunately we then take a step back and consolidate them into one monolithic WAR file that gets loaded into a single class loader. Even worse, we may try to keep them separated in WAR, EAR, and JAR files but then interconnect these packages via web services, RMI, or some other ceremonial method.

OSGi has garnered a lot of publicity lately because it solves these common problems of “modularizing” Java in a simple and easy to use fashion. This talk will give the audience a quick introduction to OSGi and then cover how it can be used to produce Java systems that are more modular, resulting in reduced maintenance, higher quality and increased flexibility.

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