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Ruby for Startups: Battle Scars and Lessons Learned

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August 28, 2009 10:15 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

I’d like to share ideas for writing “future-proof” Ruby code for startup technology companies. Because startups learn and refine their products rapidly as the market becomes clear, they should write code that is easy to change, throw-away, or enhance.

I plan to do this by discussing specific challenges that we’ve faced in building OtherInbox (which will be almost two years old at LSRC 2009), especially the early decisions I made when we built the prototype that caused us pain later on. Things as simple as the names I chose for certain classes and as complex as polymorphic inheritance and our decision to use Jruby. I may touch on development processes but the focus will be on the design and implementation of the Ruby code itself.

Since most of OtherInbox is a Ruby application that talks to external servers, most of the code examples I use will not be Rails or web-related, and should be of general interest to anyone building a complex app in Ruby. I will probably talk about some features of Rails that have not worked out so well for us and that we avoid using.

In short, I would like to give the talk that I would give if I could jump in a time machine and tell myself two years ago how to do things differently.

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