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What's the Right Level of Testing?

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August 29, 2009 5:45 AM

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

I’ve been on teams with way too little and (heresy) way too much testing. There have been lots of talks about how you should test more, but I’m going to dare to talk about when you should test less. Too much testing can lead to backlash, gridlock, morale problems, and poor velocity. Of course lack of testing can lead to bad design, gridlock, morale problems, and poor velocity. Balance is key.

The level of testing a team can support depends on many factors including: team size, developer buy in, managerial approval, company size, IT support, and testing experience of the team. In my talk I’ll be discussing each of these factors in turn as well as how they interact with each other (for instance: Rabid manager support of testing combined with developer hesitancy can spell disaster). In addition, I’ll be sharing my experiences trying to bring testing to many different teams of varying skill and size. There are strategies for integrating testing that can overcome most obstacles.

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