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Scaling JavaScript Development with JavaScriptMVC

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September 12, 2009 11:00 AM

Microsoft Cambridge

Microsoft Cambridge

Developing complex JavaScript applications is a nightmare. Your application has to run on as many browsers as operating systems. Every additional line of code means a slower loading time for your users. Your front-end developers are wasting time waiting for the backend developers to catch up. JavaScriptMVC is a framework that has stolen the best ideas in JavaScript development and integrated them into a single package. Your application is extremely well organized, documented, and tested. It consumes reusable services. Development was efficient and parallelized. You feel confident that you could edit anyone's code immediately. Rest easy developer, you used JavaScriptMVC.

This session explores JavaScriptMVC's solutions to common large-scale JavaScript development problems such as organization, maintainability, integration, testing, documentation and dependancy management. It also discusses technical solutions such as browser history, event delegation, templates, simulated classes, fixtures, compression and thin server architecture.

The audience will understand the pitfalls of scaling JavaScript development and know how to avoid them.

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