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End to end JavaScript: From Sever to Client

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November 8, 2009 7:15 AM

Tom Hughes-Croucher from Yahoo! will present on End to End JavaScript - From Server to Client.

YQL provides a Rhino environment to allow you build server-side executable code which can be used to process data. We are going to use this JavaScript environment to provide data to our front-end code to make a working end-end JavaScript AJAX environment. This talk will focus on some of the interesting aspects of using JavaScript serverside, such as processing web pages without a DOM, asynchronous HTTP calls, and using E4X to deal with XML. We'll look at many of the interesting features of JavaScript 1.6 which are safe to use outside the browser.

Next I'll show how you can take the data provided by our server side JavaScript and render it on the client using JSONP or JSONP-X (JSONP with an XML payload). There will be practical advice on the best way to get data and include it on modern browsers, and mobile devices (iPhone, Pre, etc).

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