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Understanding the Value of User Research, Usability Testing, and Information Architecture

A talk by Kyle Soucy

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September 26, 2009 6:30 PM

It's survival of the easiest! Whether your product is a website or a handheld device, it's success is largely dependant upon how easy it is to use. This session will cover the following topics to ensure that you are on the path to creating usable products with user-centered design (UCD) methods:

User Research: Do you know what your users want? Do you know what they like and dislike? Have you talked with them yet? Conducting solid user research gives us the answer to these vitally important questions.

Usability Testing: Is the launch of your website or product the first time it is put in front of a user? You can find out long before your website goes live or product is on the shelf if it meets your users needs by conducting usability testing. There are many different testing methods we can employ early in the design process to ensure that your website is one that can be used efficiently and without frustration.

Information Architecture: Can your users find the information they need on your website? Does your search functionality actually yield appropriate results? There is no point in building a content management system if people can't find the content they need. Having a solid information architecture will help ensure that all the hard work you put into developing a CMS will not be in vain.

In the session you will learn the importance of user research, usability testing, and information architecture and how to approach conducting these important aspects of user-centered design yourselves.

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