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Skills for Senior IAs: Mastering Difficult Conversations with Clients & Colleagues

A talk by Dan Brown at IA Summit 2009

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March 19, 2009 10:00 AM

Memphis, TN, USA

Memphis, TN, USA

Information Architects work in environments that demand close collaboration with other people, primarily clients and colleagues. Design teams of any size need to manage the logistics of the design process, collaborate with each other to solve complex problems, and communicate those ideas effectively. Clients also exert pressure on the design team, presenting the design problem and vetting potential solutions. Successful senior designers and team managers must know how to navigate these waters delicately. Every one of these activities–from clarifying requirements to presenting design ideas to walking through revisions–requires working with other people. Every task on a design project has some element of communication and collaboration. And these infinite touchpoints within the team (designers, managers, stakeholders, and clients alike) represent risks to the project: one misstep and the project can come to a screeching halt.

This workshop is for information architects to help them understand and improve the core communications skills for working with teams and clients. Junior information architects seeking advancement will benefit from this opportunity to explore the crucial skills that separate them from senior designers. Through role-playing games and informal discussion, the facilitators will give participants ample opportunity to reflect on their approach to several common encounters.

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