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October 5, 2009 12:25 PM

Waikiki, HI

Waikiki, HI

Design is the single most important aspect of new product development. Whether you’re building a web app or a great burrito, delivering a consistent, cohesive experience is required. Though ‘design’ is widely acknowledged as vital, the scope of its impact is often grossly underestimated and thoroughly misunderstood. Design isn’t just marketing and advertising hoopla, it is the holistic, analytical thinking that is at the root of every successful brand and needs to be at the front of every entrepreneur’s mind. As a programmer, design is the difference between simply identifying and solving the problem and doing so elegantly (and profitably). Delivered by an engineer and a usability guru disguised as designers, this session will break down buzzwords and deliver a practical perspective on the real steps (and the commitment and vigilance) it takes to build, implement and maintain a successful brand.

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