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Responsive Web Typography

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September 24, 2012 9:45 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Good typography is good web design. Only having a fist-full of fonts to choose from is no longer an excuse for boring typography; webfonts allow us to choose from a vast and ever growing selection of typefaces to create designs that speak to our audiences in a definitive voice. But, just as web typography takes off, the rise of mobile devices is changing the way we think about text on the screen. Responsive design is a popular technique, ensuring optimization of content presentation across a variety of media. In this session, Jason Cranford Teague will show you how to apply the techniques of fluid design to typography allowing you to tailor your design to any device.

What you will learn:

-How to use webfonts across multiple devices. -Font rendering issues between computer screens, tablets, and smart phones. -Scaling typography for the device. -The pros and cons of using fonts instead of images for iconography. -Choosing the best font combinations.

Want an in-depth exploration of responsive design? Then check out Jason’s half-day workshop: Responsive First – Building Websites that Scale.

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