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Lean UX: Building a Shared Understanding to Get Out of the Deliverables Business

A talk by Jeff Gothelf at edUI 2012

About the Talk

September 26, 2012 5:00 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

The days of heavy specifications and documentation are numbered. The new currency in web and software development is shared understanding within nimble, small, dedicated teams. In this workshop, Jeff Gothelf will teach you the collaborative, cross-functional ideals behind Lean UX and demonstrate the power of highly cooperative teams.

Through several hands-on exercises that demonstrate how people work together to build a shared understanding, you will learn to:

-Reframe requirements as assumptions -Create experiments to validate those assumptions -Minimize the waste in your UX activities -Collaboratively solve tough design challenges as a team

This workshop is for web designers (interaction, visual, etc) and the product managers and developers who work with them. You’ll take away practical skills to encourage greater team collaboration, rapid design tactics, shorter feedback loops, and increased product validity all while increasing team productivity, efficiency, and camaraderie.

Interested in optimizing your design process, but not sure you want to spend half a day on Lean UX? Then check out Jeff Gothelf’s hour-long session, Demystifying Design.

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