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Souping Up Your Sites with jQuery

A talk by Jay Blanchard at edUI 2012

About the Talk

September 26, 2012 5:00 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

Are you ready to open the hood and start wrenching away as you learn to turbo-charge your websites and applications? Get down the track fast using one of the most popular JavaScript libraries available today – jQuery.

We’ll go beyond the basics and learn how to combine the CSS selectors you’ve always known (and some you didn’t) and loved with jQuery’s methods and functions to add horsepower to your website projects. Replace images when a mouse hovers over them? No sweat. Load new content into a page with just a click? It’s a breeze. Create an animated Twitter feed? Piece of cake! We’ll discuss how to do all of this without having to touch your existing markup.

Then we’ll go one step further and learn how to foolproof your AJAX so that you can grab HTML, text, and JSON data for use in your websites and applications. We’ll explore using AJAX with jQuery and dive into how jQuery’s shortcut methods can get you to the finish line quicker. By the time the session is over, you’ll have a number of new jQuery tools and ideas in your toolbox that you can use right away.

Bring your laptop and favorite code editor to this session, but don’t worry about being left behind. “Pre-baked” code samples will be provided in advanced so you can follow along at your own pace.

Interested in jQuery Mobile? Then check out Jay Blanchard’s hour-long session: Going Mobile with jQuery.

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