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Accessibility for the Modern Web

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September 26, 2012 5:00 AM

Richmond, VA

Richmond, VA

In this half day workshop, join Derek Featherstone as he helps you explore the true meaning of accessibility for the modern web. We’ll look at how the long-established principles of progressive enhancement help ensure a baseline level of functionality in your sites and applications and how you can make them shine to create truly useful experiences. We’ll add a mix of modern technology such as CSS3, HTML5, ARIA and JavaScript to make websites that work for everyone, including people with disabilities.

You’ll learn:

-How to analyze your designs and code to identify accessibility gaps -How to build sites and applications that communicate their message and functionality effectively to people using them -New methods for implementing best practice accessibility for forms -The impact of the design choices we make on people using assistive technology including screen readers, magnifiers, voice recognition software, braille displays and custom displays.

This workshop is filled with practical advice and guidance on what you need to do right now to make your applications more accessible for now and the future.

Need to hone your web accessibility skills but not ready to spend half a day on it? Check out Derek’s hour-long session JavaScript and Accessibility: How to Create Interface Magic for Everyone.

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