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5 Quick JavaScript Performance Improvement Tips

A talk by Troy Miles

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October 13, 2012 9:30 AM

JavaScript is arguably the most important language in the world. It comes included in nearly every desktop and mobile browser. It powers the client-side of apps like Facebook and GMail. It is the language of choice for mobile development environments like Apccelerator's Titanium and Apache's Cordova (aka Adobe's PhoneGap). It is even on the server now in Node.js. Yet when programmer's run into performance issue with JavaScript their first inclination is to blame its interpreted nature, not realizing that simple changes in the structure of their code can result in sometimes significant improvements in performance.

In this session I will show five quick changes you can make to your JavaScript code to improve its performance and explain why they work. All source code, slides, and any other information will be posted to my blog the day of the session.

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