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October 21, 2009 8:00 AM

727 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02111

727 Atlantic Avenue, 3rd Floor Boston, MA 02111

Help your nonprofit career grow strategically and donate to a wonderful nonprofit serving youth all in one place.

Are you a mission driven individual? Are you committed and dedicated to making an impact in the lives of others? Have you sent out 10-20+ resumes with no or little response? Are you having trouble selling yourself during a nonprofit interview? Are you afraid you could be losing your current job and want to prepare a contingency plan? Are you looking to accelerate your nonprofit career? Take action today and sign-up for Nonprofit Career Coaching for Social Impact!

The purpose of the lunch and learn meetup is to accelerate career growth for people in career transition, nonprofit professionals, social impact leaders who want to leverage their volunteer or pro-bono experience for a nonprofit job, recent grads/MBA's, AmeriCorps grads, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or interns who want to network with other professionals on a job and learn nonprofit career tips focused on social impact. A simple yet strategic move forward can help accelerate your nonprofit career so sign-up today!

What topics will I learn?

1) Biggest mistake most people make when interviewing with nonprofits

2) Top 10 jobs for October that have passed the desk of Jobs In Nonprofits

3) Hot careers and trends in the nonprofit sector

4) Defining Strategic Volunteering and how it can help accelerate your nonprofit career

5) Six Key strategies for accelerating your nonprofit career (Impact6)

SPECIAL GUEST: Colby Berger, Executive Director at AFC Mentoring

Those considering a career in nonprofits or leadership can benefit from her advice and suggestions. Get a chance to ask an Executive Director directly what she looks for in employees in this up-close and friendly nonprofit setting.

Remember 50% of all proceeds go directly to help AFC Mentoring grow to serve more youth in Boston.

Feel free to bring your lunch with you!

Bonus: Accelerate your Nonprofit Career Tool Kit. (Value $25)

Tool Kit Includes:

  1. Best nonprofit resume template

  2. Great nonprofit cover letter example

  3. Impact6 review with additional questions

  4. 10 Nonprofit resume tips

  5. Action verb list

  6. Nonprofit Interview Questions

  7. Career transition article

  8. 15+ nonprofit resource links

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Impact Quote:

"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment" Anthony Robbins

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