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Communilytics: Applied Community Analytics

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November 16, 2009 4:00 AM

Javits Centre, New York City, NY

Javits Centre, New York City, NY

Let’s face it. If you’re doing anything related to online communities (and most of us are), you’re probably starting to feel that flying blind doesn’t cut it anymore. You may be hoping online community engagement will improve customer relationships, offer better support, alert you to problems before they become disasters, or simply spread the word and generate interest.

Whatever the case, effective social media comes from having the guts to try unique, memorable campaigns, the discipline to measure their successes and failures, and the wisdom to learn from the results. That’s what applied community analytics is about, and it’s what you’ll learn in this workshop.

You will leave this session with an abundance of practical information to help you quantify your online community efforts. In particular, you’ll:

* learn to apply tried-tested-and-true web analytics practices to online community efforts
* measure, account for and optimize your existing community properties to avoid throwing your members into a brick wall
* gather a series of important questions that every business needs answers for when dealing with community endeavors
* apply the practices that you’ve learnt to your competitors so that you can compare your efforts to theirs

In sum, you’ll learn to answer these fundamental questions about your communities:

* What are they doing
* How are they doing it
* Why did they do it
* Could they do it
* What are they saying about it

We look forward to helping forward-thinking CEOs, vice presidents, directors and managers in marketing, and community managers to better understand their communities so that they can take bigger leaps of faith with their campaigns with less risk.

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