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Testing your sites in English with Cucumber

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November 14, 2009 9:15 AM



Testing and planning development just got a lot easier with the Cucumber testing framework. Here's the outline of my talk, written using Cucumber:

Feature: Intro to Cucumber

As a Cucumber user

I want to introduce Cucumber to others at CVCC

So that I can show them how easy it is to write plain-text stories to drive development and test their apps using a real web browser.

Scenario: Explaining the basics of Cucumber

Given you make web applications

And you come to my talk

Then I will show you how Cucumber works

And I will explain its basic concepts

Then I will write a story to test a web site

And I will then write custom matchers to run the story

When I run the story

Then I should see my browser open

And the browser will navigate to the site

And it will fill in the forms

And it will click the buttons

When I am finished

Then you will be able to go home and do this yourself.

Intrigued? Come find out more! While Cucumber may be written in Ruby, you can use it to test any web-based application!

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