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Using Agile to Manage Distributed Teams

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November 14, 2009 7:45 AM



We have several years of collective experience both driving adoption of Agile development practices into several local software organizations but also using these same practices to excel at the use of distributed development teams. We'll present the information and findings in the context of "lean" - how we introduced the new practices, identified the process bottlenecks, and adjusted the organizational and operating model until we found a pattern that balances the needs of the teams in all geographies. With these techniques we are confident that we can achieve comparable productivities and quality levels to local teams but do so with cost leverage that allows for larger teams or lower burn rates.

The talk will begin be challenging the typical assumptions people have regarding the best way to use remote resources, then we'll cover two different case studies from two different organizations, and then conclude with an analysis that will help you determine if this approach is right for your organization, what you can expect as the end state, and a prescription for how to get there.

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