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An Introduction to PowerShell for Developers

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November 14, 2009 4:00 AM



Microsoft’s new shell scripting tool, Windows PowerShell is a huge leap forward from its predecessors. You may already know Perl/Python/VBscript and ask “Why another scripting tool?” PowerShell is really a very powerful OS and application management environment, not just another command-line scripting tool. Intended for both system administrators and application developers, PowerShell brings together the power of the .NET framework, active directory / group policy, COM, and WMI. Hundreds of Cmdlets are currently available for Exchange Server, SQL server, SCOM and Microsoft has pledged at all future applications and OSs will have an exposed PowerShell interface. Other industry leaders are also getting behind PowerShell: VMware ESX and IBM WebSphere and F5 Networks to name a few. This presentation will give you an introduction to some of these powerful new capabilities, show you how to set up PowerShell, take advantage of existing cmdlets and providers, write programs to do “real work”, and customize/manage your environment.

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