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Leveraging Client Capabilities with jQuery in Visual Studio and ASP.NET

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November 14, 2009 10:45 AM



Microsoft has embraced the popular jQuery open source JavaScript library, which is already used by many major web sites. jQuery provides a very productive enivornment for client side programming in JavaScript. It takes advantage of existing knowledge of CSS selector syntax to offer a powerful and efficient alternative to the DOM. The use of operation chaining and implicit iteration lead to a very compact and productive syntax. The library is very lean at a mere 15K, yet provides a strong base and a great extensibility model which has led to a large number of plugin extensions to simplify web development. The session will review how to use the library for very useful features such as watermarks, avoiding browser inconsistencies, and making AJAX calls to the server. Several plug ins will be demonstrated which provide stunning client experiences with as little as 1 line of code! We will also study how to extend the library with our own custom utility funcitons and plug ins. Learn how Jquery and the Microsoft AJAX Library JavaScript libraries greatly simplify client side development, and which to use for particular scenarios.

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