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Vert.x: This ain't your Dad's Node!

A talk by Matt Stine

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October 9, 2012 2:00 PM

San Francisco JUG

San Francisco JUG

Vert.x is a new framework for writing easily scalable applications. It is the marriage of the event-driven, non-blocking I/O programming model popularized by Node.js with the proven performance and concurrency found on the JVM.

Vert.x is polyglot, currently allowing you to write your programs in JavaScript, Ruby, Groovy or Java (with support forthcoming for Scala, Clojure and Python). It provides a very easy concurrency model, allowing you to write single-threaded code that is always executed by the same exact thread. It provides parallelism by scaling seamlessly across all available cores. With all of this is provided much the same programming model you may be used to in the Node.js world, with the added capability of a distributed event bus which spans client and server side, shared immutable data, and background workers.

This session will provide an introduction to Vert.x, with live demos of its feature and the construction of a real case-study application.

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