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The future state of layout

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November 5, 2009 9:00 AM

Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam (Felix Meritis)

Keizersgracht 324, 1016 EZ Amsterdam (Felix Meritis)

Stephen dives into the CSS3 layout modules, places them side-by-side and explores the pros and cons of each. He takes a layout for which floats and positioning would be less than ideal, pulls it apart and builds it three times: once for each of three CSS3 layout modules, exploring how we will finally be able to create true grid-based layouts.

With much of recent CSS3 attention directed toward decoration and typography, it's time to focus our attention on that which has caused developers the most problems: layout. You'll leave this session with a firmer understanding of what the layout modules have to offer.

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