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Why I hated the daily stand-up and how I started enjoying it?

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October 4, 2012 10:30 AM



Stand-up. One of the daily practices that Agilists follow. Reality bites. I have had the luxury to both experience and observe that it tends to mean different thing to different people at different times within the life-time of the project - be it the teams are new or seasoned in Agile practices.

In this talk I share those things that drain the purpose and agenda of the stand-up. It is very important for teams to understand the different things that one should be weary about. Having understood that, it then becomes equally important to find ways to make stand-up enjoyable and productive. The second part of my talk would focus on this area.

I have blogged about this topic in detail for reference at I intend to share the same in my talk and discuss and clarify stuff around the importance of stand-up as a practice. Be there to participate :)

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