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Management told us to work Agile. And we still made it work...

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October 4, 2012 7:40 AM



In this talk I will elaborate on the journey of two teams from Waterfall, through Scrum and eventually ending up with Kanban. The teams consist mainly specialists in their domain and because of this have a lot of stakeholders and different ways in which work is brought to the team. At first Scrum seemed to be way to help solve their problem, but when they became responsible for fixing production defects aswel they were facing a new challenge. The team felt a lot of preassure from management and got beaten down on pretty much every initiative they took. Dispite all the setbacks they found a way to take control of their own process and are now again in charge.

Topics in this talk will be:

Learning points and mistakes we made How the teams took control of their own process How the teams increased their "fun-at-work" kpi with 3 points and how management helped with that Why we deceided to stop giving names to the methodes we used How we solved the problems with the multiple channels that brought work to the teams How to do both a new project and still be able to adequately respond to production defects Agile working with distributed teams

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