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Fun Observational Science With Python and a Webcam

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October 13, 2012 8:00 AM

1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212

1275 Kinnear Rd, Columbus, OH 43212

"Python is a great language for exploration and discovery. It is enabler because it makes it easy to turn an idea into reality.

This talk is a ""how I did it"" talk about how I took an idea, a web cam, and Python and created art, explored science, and illustrated concepts that our ancestors knew by watching the sky but we have lost.

This talk will be a step-by-step walk-through with working code ( of using Django, PIL, a database, and the standard libraries to implement my ideas and hopefully will inspire others to do the same. I gave this talk at PyOhio this year, and while I'll modify it a bit, here are the slides from that:"

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